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To do what is needed to be done to get the work done, in a way which can make our clients dreams and visions a reality



Design is like a holiday, we just can't get enough.

736 A.D.


Area: 1800 Sq. Ft.

This projected was made with a concept of having a dark theamed restaurant space, with the look and feel of a old fort with some extra modern features. The name was taken from the establishment of delhi and the walls are decorated with monuments and memories of delhi since its inception.



Area: 16000 Sq. Ft.

A multifamily residence in south delhi with a view. The house has been made in a sustainable
fashion with locally available materials used in the facade (white grit wash and cuddapa). The interiors of the building have the upper 2 oors for the purpose of rent and the ground and the first floor for the use of the family.



The retail store



Café and Retail Store



Area: 450 Sq. Ft.

A kids store with a theame of a disney castle, made with a design element to make the space appear open and bigger than it really is. A storage area in side the overhead castle, with a spiral staircase, making the entire space grander and more lively.

Misc Projects

Here you will find all the other projects completed by us which will include some conceptual views and some completed projects ranging from residential to commercial and landscapes completed and handed over, and some which are still going on.





An expert in the field for the past 10 years, he has worked with big names in the industry, some names include Studio Fountain Head, Design Consortium and Espaces Architects to name some. He was also a visiting faculty for the final year thesis in MBS College of Architecture. 

He has a keen eye for detail and often helps the client realize their vision. He works majorly on both the design side and the execution side of the projects. 

He has also completed his masters in landscape design and is a keen follower of the green building initiative and uses locally available materials to the full capacity.

Gaurav Pratap Singh

B. Arch

Although not senior, the senior most personnel in the working environment has a very diverse work withjust little above 4 years of experience with a reputed architecture firm called AKDA. He was mentoredby DiDi Contractor who is consistently working to promote green and sustainable architecture. He has aninterest in Vernacular architecture and adopted this in his work, while working with his mentor. He is anall-rounder with staircases, planning and detailing as his personal favorites. He likes challenging principlesand often breaks the obsolete design barriers.

He has a vast experience which covers almost every category like – Residential, Commercial, Retail,Recreational, Multi-Family housing, corporate of ces, products and exhibitions projects. He also has aslight tilt towards Furniture Design and Interiors. He visualizes his work according to the need of theproject and always adds a personal touch to it, which improves the overall quality of the project.

Kumar Punit

B. Arch

One of the main leads in execution of the project, with a large portfolio of completed projects. Hascompleted his B. Arch. from National Institute of Technology, Patna in 2012, and had joined ISBE consultantswhere he got practical knowledge on execution of the designed projects, and later became a passion forhim aswell.

Currently, he is mainly incharge for the on-time delivery of the current projects in the pipeline.

Bhaswati Phukan

B. Arch

The Young’un in the organization has gained a lot of skill and knowledge with just a little under 5 years ofexperience in the industry. She has worked with some reputed architectural rms like – RSMS ArchitectsPvt. Ltd., NMP Landscape design Studios, And Design Atelier Urbis. Her utmost priority on the project isdoing justice to the space provided with the requirement of the client. She gives a very high rating todesign process in her work and sustainability is the virtue she tries to imply in her work.

She has experience with projects of residential, space designing, and Landscape Design. She understandsthe psychology of the consumer and hence provides better solutions which bene t the end consumer.



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About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary design firm who closely associate with all aspects of creating an experience and not just designing a space. We believe in a strategic design process which leads us to effectively manage the client’s requirement, which is our utmost priority. An experience is created when you give the person what he wants, by adding a professional touch and end up giving it how you want to present it. That is what we achieve with our work. We believe in a smarter world with promoting smart and green technologies which help us attain sustainability throughout our projects. We dream big, and aim to be one of the influential names in the Indian Architecture Industry.
We are a young firm who has a total of 9 years of work experience between the founders and was established with beginning of the year 2015. What we don’t have in experience, we compensate each and every project with zeal and confidence, hence starting afresh with each of the design process. We understand the client’s requirement and provide him with our best solutions with client interactive design process.